Combo 10 in 1 Pro Series 2.0 12"×15".


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The New 10 in 1 Combo Pro Series 2.0 12"×15". for Color Make™ image transfer, it has a new LCD controller with touch screen, it also has precision pressure devices for heat generation, ensuring uniformity and stability in temperature and efficient transmission of thermal energy. Thanks to its new and innovative aluminum sheets, it guarantees uniform heat distribution on all presses. Its structure is made with high-resistance steel and combines with the beauty of its finishing details and minimalist and innovative design. We also present a new improved and reinforced lever design that makes this equipment a novel and durable design proposal.

.- Latest technology resistors, based on aluminum plates with just 1.5 mm separation that guarantee better printed areas and with rails for quick replacement, in seconds and without the need for tools. This equipment is ideal for getting started in the world of image transfer on different promotional products.

.- LCD screen.
.- Use of Alarms.
.- Controller made with Japanese components.
.- Spare parts available.
.- 2 years warranty.
.- Voltage of 110 v.
.- Temperature range: 0-220°C.
.- Time range: 0-999s.

.- Teflon-coated 29×38 cm flat press.
.- Cap press.
.- Double flat resistance of 12 and 16 cm.
.- Cylindrical resistance of 750 ml.
.- 11 Oz cylindrical resistance.
.- Conical resistance of tequila makers.
.- 17 Oz conical resistance.
.- 12 Oz conical resistance.
.- Rubber for pens.

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