We are the strategic partner of all those who has ventured or plans to venture into the world of heat transfer printing, either in inks or vinyl;  we are  in permanent  research  and acquiring the  latest in technology  and supplies   for   our   customers   always   looking   for   delivering   products   and services with the highest quality standards and at the best prices. Our business philosophy is not to have buyers, it is to have satisfied customers with highly profitable and competitive businesses.

We represent the most prestigious brands in printers for sublimation, inks, papers, types of vinyl, vinyl cutters, heat presses,  and in general of all and each equipment, consumables, and  supplies that are used in the wonderful world of printing. by heat transfer for small and large format We also have our educational platform where we offer training courses in the different areas that are part of the process: graphic design, all about sublimation and types of vinyl, as well as training courses for the correct handling and care of the equipment we supply.