The DTF Process

Upload Your Design and Make your Online Order

Use designs with unlimited colors, simple, or high detail artwork. Provide any design of your choice, and we'll convert it into a premium direct-to-film transfer."

Your Transfers Get Printed and Shipped Out Within 24 hours

Rely on our unique DTF process to get the most detailed and highest quality full-color transfers you'll come across

Heatpress when Ready. Keep Extras in Storage Forever.

Press your DTF transfer at 329°F / 160°C using moderate pressure for 25 seconds. Wait for 30 seconds to cool, then peel and repress for the best durability

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We're thrilled to unveil our specialized DTF printing platform! To celebrate, we're offering exclusive discounts to our early visitors!

Beautiful Color Contrast

Vibrant hues and accurate color representation are crucial for our clients when purchasing DTF transfers. The colors will prominently display on your apparel, regardless of the color mix. You'll be perpetually impressed by the radiant and beautiful DTF transfer designs on your products.

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Any Design on Lights or Darks

DTF transfers provide an unparalleled experience, offering ease, cleanliness, vivid colors, enhanced durability, and superior flexibility compared to any transfer you've worked with before.

Stretchability means Durability

Our DTF transfers, when stretched (within reasonable limits), will not exhibit cracking. Furthermore, withstanding 50+ washes with minimal degradation has been verified through our meticulous testing, achievable due to our specialized blend of film, ink, powder, and pressing technique.

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Super Thin Lines

Unbounded potential in the designs you can create with our DTF transfers. If in doubt, simply try it out, and find yourself increasingly amazed with each transfer you press and every design you order.

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